In accordance with the latest advice, Sunday worship and all regular meetings will be cancelled until further notice. Watch this space for news of what we are doing to keep in touch.

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Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week.   The week leading up to Easter Day.     During this time we remember that Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey while the crowd waved Palm Leaves; He met in the Upper Room with the Apostles for the last Supper;  prayed in the garden of Gethsemane; was put on trial, and finally crucified.    Next Sunday will be Easter Day, and we will celebrate His return to life.

 Join us here on Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday for worship as we remember His journey through Holy Week.


The Lenten Cross

Each year we use the trunk of the Christmas tree to make our Lenten Cross.    Then on Easter Sunday, we invite everyone at service to add a flower to bring life to the Cross as a recognition that Jesus has Risen.     
This year we are unable to do that, but we would like to invite those who are not in permanent self-isolation and who are local to bring along some flowers on Easter Sunday morning as part of their ‘permitted exercise’ to help decorate the cross as a sign of hope and new life.  



Want to take part?
If you would like to take part in our worship videos, please contact us. All you need is the ability to record yourself using something like a smart phone, or laptop with webcam and microphone. Get in touch by clicking here (Choose Minister in the Enquiry Type box).

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Why not email us on prayers@solihull-methodist.org.uk ?
Or text to: 07928 818562 


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