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Peace can never come from revenge

Dear friends,
Words come with great difficulty at a time like this. None of us are able to express how we really feel. Some of us are in shock and disbelief.
I know, like me, you are all struggling with the shattering violence unfolding in Israel and Gaza. Our neighbours grieve the loss of loved ones killed and kidnapped by Hamas. We witnessed friends and families in Gaza mourn the loss of loved ones, worry for those unable to find safety or a place of refuge and fear an even more uncertain future.
Together we agonise, again, over peace gone to pieces.
I am desperately trying to understand how we can be of any comfort to the members of our global family trapped in the middle of such violence and fear.
Let us pray that all know that peace in our world can never come through violence. Peace in our spirits can never come through revenge.
In the face of war?
Let us pray from our guts, not our lips. Prayer that moves in us and through us. Pray for all those many people injured and those mourning the loss of loved ones and those living in abject fear who await news of family members missing.
Wherever you are, check in on your Jewish and Palestinian neighbours, friends and colleagues, and those who have family in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank and where lives may be affected .
PLEASE! wherever we are, be mindful of your words.
As Christmas will be approaching, I want to do as much as I can to help bereaved families by holding a memorial service. This will allow people to take time to reflect and remember their loved ones during the coming Christmas Festive Season. The service is for bringing community and church family together to remember our loved ones who passed away.
We all know how difficult Christmas time can be if you have lost someone close to you. A memorial service is an opportunity to come together and remember the person you have lost. Even if you haven’t lost someone you would like to remember this time of the year, you can come to support a friend or others and reflect with them.
In all the above we need to listen to God. Listening is a vital part of any relationship, whether it is in a marriage, at work or in any type of friendship. If all we do is talk, without any listening, we will likely lose any friends we had. Let listening be your principle. The Bible constantly reminds us to remain attentive to the Lord, “Speak, for your servant is listening” (1 Samuel 3:10).
God can speak to us in a number of ways, so listen!
It is important to point out that listening must not be isolated from the Scripture. Read James 1:19; Proverbs 18:2
Peace and Joy