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Pastoral Care

Most of the day-to-day pastoral care we offer each other at Solihull Methodist Church is given informally as our members listen to each other after worship, in Housegroups or in the many contexts in which we meet.

Pastoral Coordinator: Chris Giles

A more structured way of caring is through our pastoral visitors who take out the monthly magazine The Messenger and offer a listening ear if required. If you would like to receive the Messenger and have a regular visit please let us know.

Pastoral visitors are also channels of communication with the Pastoral Co-ordinator and the Minister, both of whom are ready to walk with people through some of the more difficult parts of life’s pilgrimage – for instance in illness, bereavement and trouble – as well as in celebrating the important milestones – such as weddings and baptisms.

Significant Moments

We are here to celebrate with you, to struggle with you, and to ponder with you as you work your way through the many changes and challenges of life.

From the soaring heights of love, marriage and birth, the passages of life from adolescence into adulthood and beyond, to the depths of grief and heartache, the Church is pledged to represent God’s grace and care to you in a non judgemental and loving manner.

We offer support and care in the following areas.

Baptism of Children and Adults
Meet up with our minister to choose a date and chat through the details

Weddings (NB Our church and minister are registered with the GRO for marriages)
Enjoy a short three part marriage preparation course with the minister to help you on your way, choose your date, chat about flowers and the service you’ve always wanted.

We offer bereavement support in addition to services at both crematorium and in the Church.

We are here to offer spiritual direction and Confirmation for those who have been baptised in their earlier years.

Relationship difficulties
Spiritual Direction
Support groups and mentoring

We might also be able to put you in touch with local specialist care structures.

For general information you can contact the Church Office, or you may also contact our minister regarding critical or confidential matters.