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Room Hire

Searching for the perfect venue for your next event or meeting? Look no further! We offer a selection of versatile rooms suitable for any occasion, whether you’re planning a one-time gathering or regular meet-ups. With the Church having perfect transport links (adjacent to rail and bus stations, with easy cycle and pedestrian access as well as limited car parking) making it the ideal meeting point at any time. Click on the links in the table to learn more about our rooms and facilities and we would love to hear from you :

Church – ideal for
conferences &
large meetings
200 (plus choir of 40)CarpetPadded
Hall – great for large
& activities
15.6m x 9.5m150WoodPadded
& Plastic
Room 3 – for discussions &
small groups
4.0m x 5.0m18CarpetPadded
Room 4 for discussions &
small groups
6.0m x 3.7m20CarpetPadded
Room 5 medium meetings
requiring A/V, piano.
9.3m x 12.6m45CarpetPlastic
Margaret Wharam –
small group discussions
6.5m x 5.0m30CarpetPadded
Solihull Methodist Room Summary

For more details click on the link and secure the ideal room for your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated Lettings Team . We are here to ensure you have everything you need for a successful event. Please be aware that in adherence to the Methodist Church rules, alcohol consumption or use is not permitted on our premises. Join us and create unforgettable memories in a welcoming and respectful environment.

Most of our rooms are accessible, featuring ramps to the buildings and a lift for first-floor access.

Please be aware that we no longer accommodate parties at our premises.

The Church

The church seats 200 in the normal layout shown to the left and in addition can have a choir of 40 seated behind the pulpit in the choir area. There are tables that allow for a ‘cabaret’ style layout too for approximately half that number.  Chairs are padded with book/Bible holders. The floor is carpeted.

In the entrance lobby ls a small tea making kitchen, with trolleys with cups for the meeting.

Multiple WCs (including one for the disabled)

Fast Wi-fi is available.

At the back of the church is a sound desk which controls sound throughout the church. The lectern or projection desk (on the lectern side, nearer the front) allow your presentation or other media to be displayed from your own device onto the main screen, the seven smaller screens around the walls and in the chancel. A HDMI connection is provided together with instructions, and a headphone jack plug can be used to play sound from your device to the sound desk.

Main Hall

Experience the versatility of our Main Hall, the perfect venue for your events! Whether you’re planning a collaborative meeting, an engaging lecture, interactive keep-fit classes, expressive dance sessions, creative theatre rehearsals, lively concerts, or fun quiz nights, our space is designed to cater to your needs.

The Main Hall in the community centre is a large space that can hold up to 150 people sitting on various chairs. It offers a wooden floor with badminton court lines and is accessible for everyone.

There’s a kitchen window that opens to the hall for serving food and drinks, and users prepare these themselves and do so at their own risk. The kitchen is used for events in both the hall and a smaller meeting room elsewhere on the ground floor, as well as the church staff.

You’ll find a storage room with extra chairs and foldable tables, which you’re expected to arrange and put back by yourself. A second room off the hall storage space contains equipment for presentations, like a projector stand. You can bring and use your own projector, or borrow one from the church if it is available (please mention when booking). For larger meetings, you might need to provide a microphone, which can be connected to our amplifier on the stage. This same sound system provides a hearing loop. For projections, there’s a screen above the stage, or it is possible to view projections using the wall between the large side windows. Fast Wi-fi is available.

Room 4 (first floor)

A pleasant light and airy room seating up to 20 people, with padded furniture and carpet. Tables for use in this room are found next door in the upstairs kitchen.

The room is accessible using the lift from the ground floor.

Fast Wi-fi is available.

Room 5 (first floor)

45 people can be seated in this room which has carpet and plastic chairs (a few cushions are available). Tables for use in this room are found next door in the upstairs kitchen.  In addition to the adult chairs there are a small number of chairs and tables for children, and an upright piano.

A screen pulls down from the ceiling and there is usually a projector stand in the room. Fast Wi-fi is available.

The room is accessible using the lift from the ground floor.

Margaret Wharam Room

This room is situated at the back of church with direct access from the car park.

There are 30 padded chairs and a large table in the room, and additional tables are kept in the entrance lobby.

The kitchen is adjacent to this room, and beyond the door to the church is a WC for the disabled.

The room has a piano and a pull-down screen.

Room 3

Room 3 is located behind Main hall stage – so is only available when the Main Hall is not in use, or when both rooms are booked together. Access to Room 3 is through the hall and up a short flight of stairs; this is the only room which is not fully accessible to anyone who is less mobile.

It is a semi-circular room which seats about 18 people, with plenty of light and lower-level padded chairs.


All rooms have easy access to one of our kitchens, the largest and best equipped of which is adjacent to the main hall.