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Room Hire

We now have a range of rooms which are available for hire on an occasional basis or for regular events, each of which is described below. Please contact our Lettings Secretary to make a booking or for more information. Please note no alcohol can be consumed or used on our premises. This is in line with the rules of the Methodist Church.

The majority of our rooms are fully accessible, with ramped access to both buildings, and a lift available to reach the first floor.

Main Hall

Suitable for:

  • Meetings,
  • Lectures,
  • Keep fit,
  • Concerts,
  • Quizzes etc.
  • NO Parties

The largest room in the community centre seats up to 150 on a combination of plastic and padded chairs. It has a wooden floor marked out for badminton. It is fully accessible.

A hatch to the main kitchen helps the provision of food and drink, which is prepared at the users’ own risk. The kitchen serves both the hall and small meetings in Room 1.

The first store-room off the hall contains chairs and folding tables, which we ask you set out and put away yourself.

The second store room has a projector stand which can be used with the your own or the church’s portable projector (if available). A microphone may be necessary for large meetings, which can be plugged into our amplifier on the left-hand side of the stage. The loop-system comes from this sound system. There is a screen which pulls down over the stage curtains. Some groups set chairs facing the windows and pull down the blinds to project images.

Room 1

This pleasant ground floor meeting room is immediately inside the Community Centre and fully accessible.

It seats up to 20 and has a table which is housed behind the tall cupboard. Decor includes carpeting and padded chairs.

The kitchen is in the next room and may be shared with the hall when meetings take place there.

Room 3

This room is only available when the Main Hall is not in use, or when both rooms are booked together. Access to Room 3 is through the hall and up a short flight of stairs; this is the only room which is not fully accessible to anyone who is less mobile.

It is a semi-circular room which seats about 18 people, with plenty of light and lower-level padded chairs.

Room 4 (first floor)

A pleasant light and airy room seating at least 20 people, with padded furniture and carpet. Tables for use in this room are found next door in the upstairs kitchen. There is an upright piano.

The room is accessible using the lift from the ground floor.

Room 5 (first floor)

45 people can be seated in this room which has carpet and plastic chairs (a few cushions are available). Tables for use in this room are found next door in the upstairs kitchen.  In addition to the adult chairs there are a small number of chairs and tables for children, and an upright piano.

A screen pulls down from the ceiling and there is usually a projector stand in the room.

The room is accessible using the lift from the ground floor.

Margaret Wharam Room

This room is situated at the back of church with direct access from the car park.

There are 30 padded chairs and a large table in the room, and additional tables are kept in the entrance lobby.

The kitchen is adjacent to this room, and beyond the door to the church is a WC for the disabled.

The room has a piano and a pull-down screen.

The Church

The church seats 240 in its normal layout but the maximum number is 280, using chairs from the Margaret Wharam Room. Chairs are padded with hymn book/Bible rests, and the floor is carpeted.

At the back of the church is a sound desk which produces sound from the various microphones, and there is a projection desk (on the lectern side, nearer the front) which produces images on the main screen, the screens around the walls and in the chancel.

There are cupboards at the rear of the church containing trolleys bearing enough cups for the meetings held here.

Tables are in the bifold cupboards in the pulpit-side transept. In the entrance lobby ls a small tea making kitchen, and WCs (including one for the disabled).


All rooms have access to one of our kitchens, the largest and best equipped of which is adjacent to the main hall.


Room Size (m) Capacity Floor Seating
Room 1 4.2m x 3.9m 20 Carpeted Padded
Hall 15.6m x 9.5m 150 Wood floor Padded/Plastic
Room 3 4.0m x 5.0m 18 Carpeted Padded
Room 4 6.0m x 3.7m 20 Carpeted Padded
Room 5 9.3m x 12.6m 45 Carpeted Plastic
Margaret Wharam 6.5m x 5.0m 30 Carpeted Padded
Church 240-280 Carpeted Padded


If you are interested in venue hire, please contact our Lettings Secretary to make a booking or for more information.