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We love doing weddings! Our church and minister are registered with the General Records Office for Marriages and are committed being of service in our community.

The Methodist Church, in its celebration of human love, welcomes everyone who is legally eligible, whether or not a member, whether or not previously married. Please contact us to make an appointment. We provide a short preparation course designed to enrich your married life together as part of our service to you.

If you have been married in a Civil Ceremony and would like your marriage to be blessed, you too are welcome to contact our minister.

You will find our Church to be attractive and conveniently situated with ample parking on the premises and in the immediate proximity.

The costs involved include the hire of the building and fees for an organist, the Minister and stewarding including sound etc. As of January 2021, these totalled £500.00, plus flowers if required. An exact amount will be agreed with the Minister during discussions.