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Let It Go!

Our three-year-old granddaughter has entertained us this summer with her delightful singing of a song from the film ‘Frozen’- which includes the line “let it go!” At the crucial moment in the song her arms raise up in the air and the words are sung loudly with real gusto and delight as she shouts ‘let it go.’

The delightful enthusiasm when singing this song is wonderful but what about the underlying message? What are we carrying that we need to let go?

Sometimes the simple, joyful action of a child reminds us that we are often weighed down by what has happened in the past. Those hurtful words, painful memories and many things which stop us from feeling free, and spoil the joy we long for.

As September approaches, many people face new beginnings. A new connexional year in the church, new schools, new teachers, those starting university or new jobs.

Many have already said goodbye to what happened last year and are preparing themselves for what is to come. There is always a degree of trepidation about starting something new and whether we can cope but as Christians we have the assurance from God that ‘He will never leave us or forsake us.’ Deuteronomy 31:6

We can ask for God’s help as we face the challenges each new day brings, knowing that He will help, give us
courage and strength to find a way through all that is strange, confusing or frightening.
However, some new challenges can feel overwhelming, we may feel defeated, with no hope for the future, too ill, sad, or broken even to contemplate something new. A huge list of hurts, anxieties or fears feel stifling and stop us from moving on. Maybe this September with its many opportunities for new beginnings is a time to begin to “let it
go.” A time to forgive, ask for help, receive prayer for healing, and allow God to bring renewed hope. After all, our
loving Father God specialises in giving people a fresh start.
We can be certain that whatever we are facing as the new term begins this September, God will be with us. As we
spend time in prayer we can receive strength for each day, comfort, healing and a renewed hope for the future.
And maybe just search for the Disney song, turn it up loud and raise your arms and sing with abandon- ‘let it go!’

Its liberating being three again!!

Ann Polson