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Ten Holy Habits

Birmingham Circuit Programme: 2015-17

Holy Habits


The HOLY HABITS Programme is a 2 year programme inspired by the 10 Holy Habits from Acts 2 in verses 42-47 which we will be using to challenge the culture of our Circuit and give everyone an opportunity to grow in their relationship with God.


So, what are the 10 Holy Habits of Acts 2?

At the end of Acts Chapter 2; vs 42–47, we see a passage entitled “The Fellowship of Believers” which talks about the early church and the way it went about living out its ministry. This has been summarised by some as the 10 Holy Habits. These are…

  • Biblical teaching
  • Fellowship
  • Breaking of bread
  • Prayer
  • Sharing of resources & giving
  • Service to the poor & marginalised
  • Eating together
  • Gladness & generosity
  • Worship
  • Making more disciples


Why are we looking at them?

In 2014 following a review of the current life of our Circuit and all of the churches which make it up, we wanted to put together something which would create an opportunity for everyone within our Circuit to grow in their relationship with God. We created a new tagline for the Circuit, ‘Going for Growth’.

The churches that make up our Circuit had said that their strength was Hospitality and that their biggest desire was to grow in Discipleship, so starting with that as a basis we looked at putting together something to engage all of us within the Circuit’s Churches. Thus was born, the 10 Holy Habits programme.


When does this all happen?

There was going to be a launch event on the 17th of May at the ICC. This was the start of something really big and exciting for us as a Circuit, we want to encourage everyone who is able to be there and to support.

Timetable of the Habits

Below is a timetable outlining the start times of each of the Habits. More information will be coming out to churches after the March Assembly.

  1. May 2015 – Eating Together (starting with our launch event)
  2. July 2015 – Prayer
  3. December 2015 – Making more disciples
  4. February 2016 – Gladness and Generosity
  5. March 2016 – Breaking of Bread
  6. May 2016 – Fellowship
  7. July 2016 – Worship
  8. December 2016 – Service
  9. February 2017 – Biblical Teaching
  10. April 2017 – Sharing of Resources