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Open The Book – April 2023 UPdate

The ‘Open The Book’ team have been able to re-start our Bible storytelling in local schools in November/December 2022, when we were able to visit our schools to tell ‘The Shepherds’ Story’ as part of their Christmas celebrations.

All our schools were delighted to have us back with them. The children love to hear our stories and are always delighted when they can take part. We try and finish with a song that retells the story the children have just heard, and they join in the singing with real enthusiasm.

Twice a term we visit local primary schools. Our team is mainly from Solihull Methodist but through links with Churches Together we have team members from Solihull United Reformed Church and St. Helen’s Church.

Open The Book is now part of The Bible Society and if anyone would like to know more there is a lot of information on their website.

Please contact the church office if you would like to know more.