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latest Car Parking Procedure

Please see below revised details of how we operate our car park (Issued January 2023).


This paper provides details of the new car parking procedure and protocol that addresses a number of issues that have arisen. From 1 March 2023 new Car Park Permits will be issued to the registered keeper/owner of a vehicle and who meets the following criteria:

1. Members of the Solihull Methodist Church (and who will appear on the official list of members held by the Office). These people will hold a membership card issued for the Church year commencing September.

2. Regular Worshippers at Solihull Methodist Church. The Office holds a list of Regular Worshippers which will need to be checked by the Stewards and updated as appropriate.

3. The Minister with responsibility for Solihull Methodist Church

4. Others who meet the exceptional criteria set out below.

All holders of Permits must comply with the amended protocol (Attachment A).
Exceptional Criteria

All protocols need to be able to address situations that were not envisaged at the outset. The test in such cases will be a test of reasonableness. To address this test the Applications Group will be established to vet all applications which do not meet the criteria set out above. The decision of this group will be final with appeal only possible to Church Council. The Applications Group will comprise:

• Chairperson of the Property Committee
• Secretary to Property Committee
• Senior Steward or ex officio Steward member of the Property Committee.

The Church Council have agreed that the procedure will be as follows:

1. Members and Regular Worshippers will be notified of this procedure for issue of Permits in January/February 2023. Permits for 2021/22 will remain valid until the end of February 2023. Normally the Permits will last one calendar year commencing 1st February. Applications for new Permits will be advertised from December. Applications may be made at any time during the year but will only be valid until the end of the current Permit period.

2. A simple form will be made available as a hard copy in Church and available from the Office. It will also be made available through the website. An example of the Form is at Attachment and includes the new protocol.

3. Forms should be submitted to the Office either as hard copy or electronically.

4. The Office will check that the details of the member accord with the membership list. If the details are correct then the Permit may be issued. A donation for the Permit would be gratefully received by the Church to offset the cost of providing the parking facilities.

5. Where the applicant is a Regular Worshipper then the Office will check the register to confirm. If the Regular Worshipper status is affirmed then the Permit may be issued. If the applicant status is not clear then this application shall be referred to the Applications Group.

6. Where the applicant is neither a member nor a Regular Worshipper then the application shall be referred to the Applications Group.

7. Applications sent to the Applications Group will be considered and where appropriate an application approved [minimum of two members in favour]. Where the application is not approved then the applicant will be so advised and invited to submit further proof of entitlement. If the application is still not approved the applicant can refer the matter to the Church Council.

8. There may be occasions where an annual permit is inappropriate. In such circumstances the Office may issue a Day Permit.


Vehicle Registration:………………………….

Registered Keeper:…………………………..

Registered Address:

Contact Telephone Number:……………………………..

Alternative Contact Number:……………………………..

Applicants Name if different to Registered Keeper

Applicant Status (tick one) Member Regular Worshipper Other*

*If Other please provide details below as to why you are applying for a Car Park Permit:

In applying for a Car Park Permit I accept the Car Park Protocol (on reverse of this form) and will comply. I accept that my details will be held confidentially and subject to GDPR requirements by Solihull Methodist Church.



For Office Use:
Membership Checked
Regular Worshipper Status Checked
Referred to Applications Group
Decision of Applications Group (reference)

Car Park Protocol for Permit Holders

Car Park Permits are issued to Church members and Regular Worshippers and others with reasonable cause on the understanding that:

• Permits are for occasional use only and rarely for all day parking.*

• The permit is clearly displayed on the front windscreen or dashboard

• The permit is not for the use of family and friends.

• Possession of a permit does not guarantee a parking space.

• At known times of heavy use of premises every effort should be made to find alternative places to park: groups hiring the premises expect to use the car park and we want to make them feel welcome.

• Priority should be given to less able patrons. The nearest public parking facility is at the Leisure Centre on Blossomfield Road.

• Do not use spaces pre-allocated to external organisations (who pay for their use) before 10.00 am.. These are clearly marked. Only Blue Badge Holders should use the parking bays marked for use by mobility impaired users.

Breach of this protocol may result in the Permit being withdrawn.

Permits are not required when attending worship or other organised events on the premises. Voluntary donations to support church funds are appreciated.

*If, exceptionally, there is a need to park all day then this needs to be notified to the Office in advance.