Soupa Talks Programme 2019-20

Meetings start at 13:00 in the Church Hall except where noted

Date Subject Speaker
Wed 25th September Extra Time: An actor’s tales Alan Faulkner
Wed 9th October Cakes for Casualties: Helping injured servicemen recover Kath Ryan
Wed 23rd October Mercy Ships: Doctors and their on-board surgery saving lives Mary Fearon
Wed 13th November Namibia, Nelson Mandela and No go areas in Cape Town Richard Balmer
Wed 27th November Any Old Iron; Architectural gems made of corrugated iron Ned Williams
Friday 6th December Christmas Lunch Crowne Plaza
Wed 8th January Eye care: How to prolong good eyesight Amanda Farrow (Midland Eye Centre)
Wed 22nd January The King’s Loose Box: The story of Edward VII’s mistresses! Mary Bodfish
Wed 12th February A Town Crier’s story Ken Knowles
Wed 26th February Should the machine be turned off? Heart-rending decisions facing doctors Dr Rex Polson
Wed 11th March Storm chasing: Tornados, hurricanes and twisters Judy Preece
Wed 25th March HS2: Why? When? What? How far have we got?
Wed 8th April Power of Attorney: Why is it important and how is it obtained? Sarah Mochan (Wallace, Robinson and Morgan)