Project Hope 2018/19

Our church project for this year supports:

Community Sponsorship of Refugees

A pioneering project by the Birmingham District on behalf of the Methodist Church and working with the UK Government and the UN

Please help us to bring another refugee family to

New Life – New Hope

  • Learn more about Community Sponsorship of Refugees by clicking here
  • Learn more about the Plight of Refugees especially those currently from Syria by clicking here


Planned Events

We hope you will be able to join in these exciting events and activities planned through the year 2018 – 2019 to raise funds and awareness to give desperate people New Life and New Hope

Sept 29 International Tea and Project launch
Oct 7 Lighting the Candle at our Church Harvest celebration with Rev. Ken Howcroft
Nov 6 “Churchill’s Last Hours” – John Whitehead brings this renowned one man play at which we will serve afternoon tea
Dec 1 Out of the Blue – Big Band Concert
Jan 27 Project Morning Service led by Rev David Butterworth
Jan 19 Skittles evening with Fish and Chips
March 9 Quiz evening with Lyon’s Meat Pie meal
April 14 Open Spring Gardens Day
April 27 Cabaret Time
June 8 Concert – TBA
July 6 The Big Fun Fest and Triathlon

“This place should not be called Britain, it should be called heaven”
Rami, aged 6.

The Refugee Plight

Civil war in Syria has been raging for nearly 7 years creating havoc amongst people who just want to get on with their lives.

Today from an estimated pre-war population of 22 million, more than 6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and around 5 million are refugees outside of Syria. The vast majority of the latter are hosted by countries neighbouring Syria.

However it is not just Syria. There are refugees across our world on journeys of hope, whose lives have been disrupted and destroyed by war, religious divide, drought and famine.

The Birmingham District of the Methodist Church was determined to act and, on behalf of the Methodist Church Connexion, made the case to the UK Government for Community Sponsorship of Refugees in addition to the local Council based solutions.

The Methodist Church is recognised locally and nationally as a church that cares, champions, and takes real actions.

Please help us to do more to provide refugee families with …
New Life – New Hope

Community Sponsorship of Refugees

In 2016 the Birmingham District of the Methodist Church started its initiative to pioneer the introduction of Community Sponsorship of Refugees in the UK.

On behalf of the Methodist Connexion it has worked with national and local government and under the auspices of the United Nations to provide new life and new hope for refugee families. The scheme is now successfully adopted in Birmingham and is being introduced to other supportive organisations throughout the UK.

This innovative approach harnesses the power of local communities to provide affordable homes with the care and support that families need to create new and successful lives for themselves.

The first family in the wider Midlands under this initiative came to us in February 2018. Many lessons have been learnt and have already been passed on to other organisations planning their own support for families. In Birmingham The Methodist Church is ready to welcome more families.

Sponsoring Groups are required to gain formal approval from the Home Office and the Local Authority. They must set aside £9000 per family and commit to provide housing for 2 years. They must ensure support from GPs, Job Centres, schools and set up lessons in English.

This project aims to gain your help and support to provide funds to bring a new family to start…
New Lives with New Hope