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Church Re-opening

GOOD NEWS:    The church building will be opening for worship on Sunday 6th September  so don’t forget to book your places! 

Because we value your safety, we are following the advice of the Government and the Methodist Connexion about what we can and what we cannot do. It will, of course, look and feel different as we have to seat households or social bubbles together but 2m away from other households/social bubbles. This means we will not be able to accommodate as many people in each service as we used to. We may have to increase the number of services to compensate for this.

When you attend the Church you must wear a face covering at all times, including whilst entering and leaving and whilst inside the Church. Unfortunately, singing is not permitted and the service will be similar to those we have enjoyed on-line. On-line services will continue.

It would help us in our planning to know if and when you are intending to come back to the Church when we re-open. We are not looking for a firm commitment at the moment because circumstances may change.

We will also be required to keep a register of those attending to meet ‘track and trace’ requirements.  The congregation are assured that all information will be kept only for this purpose and GDPR will be met.

We now need to find out how many people would like to return to worship.

  1. Pastoral Visitors will be asked to find out the likely demand for a seat at the services starting in September from amongst their charges.
  2. Housegroups will also be asked to canvas their members about a return to church.
  3. We realise that some people who are not covered by either route. We ask that anyone knows someone who may not be getting information on re-opening through the currently available channels to let us know if they are planning to return.
  4. We do need the feedback by mid-August so we can decide if we need multiple services to meet demand.
  5. Full instructions regarding the booking system and the required contact tracing information will be available in good time for the first service.

Names of those wishing to attend should be sent to Alan Faulkner by e-mail, , text or telephone on 07725 964 624 where a message can be left.  Housegroup leaders and Pastoral Visitors can also use this contact information.

The ChOW team met this week via zoom.  In addition to the above, the latest plans are below.

  1. The deep clean of the Church [just the main body and the WC/Kitchen/Foyer and Vestry area] is scheduled for 24/25 August. The utility services will be switched on in advance to ensure that the water is hot and working before the cleaning.
  2. The deep clean of the Community Centre is scheduled for 24/25 August [in anticipation of Janice’s return to the Office from 1 September].